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Security & Confidentiality

We assume that all of our customers' audio and transcripts are confidential, so security is switched on as the default setting. What follows summarises our approach to confidentiality.

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  • Confidentiality agreement - All members of the Expedict team have signed a strict confidentiality agreement (relevant clauses can be supplied on request). In addition, we have specific non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place with certain individual customers.
  • Strictly no outsourcing - Expedict never outsources work to other agencies. Customers can be sure that only members of the Expedict team have access to their audio and transcripts.


  • Secure logins � Customers login to their private account to exchange all audio and transcripts via the Expedict server over an encrypted channel using a Verisign SHA-1 RSA 2048bit certificate.
  • PKI - For customers who prefer to work by email, a shared encryption key solution (PKI) can be put in place to guarantee the confidential transmission of emails.


  • Intrusion prevention - The Expedict server is hosted by award-winning Rackspace and security has been further reinforced by an independent expert in intrusion prevention.
  • File management module - The file management module gives customers direct control over all files sitting in their private space on the Expedict server, allowing them to delete any files at any time.
  • Retention policy - A script on our server automatically deletes customer audio and transcripts according to an agreed retention policy.