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Your audio becomes text

Your audio recordings are faithfully transcribed into well-presented documents. Keep a record of interviews and presentations. Or hand over your typing burden by dictating your letters and reports and having them typed up by us.

From live or pre-recorded audio

It's hassle-free to keep a written record of your teleconference or webcast. Just let us know how to access the live audio and we'll record your meeting for you, transcribe it and deliver both the audio and document to you as files that can be downloaded securely from your personal account on our server.

Or upload your own recordings through your account, and then return later to download your transcripts. If you can record it, we can type it. We transcribe a wide variety of audio, including dictation and recordings of interviews, presentations, surveillance ... and more.

Verbatim or tidied up text

All of our transcripts are produced by professional typists. We do not use any voice recognition software. With a large pool of typists, we assign the best qualified typist to your transcripts, taking into account their fields of specialist knowledge.

Just let us know if you require strict verbatim or text tidied up for clarity. The spoken word differs greatly in flow and structure from written text. In some cases, the best transcript is achieved by tidying up the grammar used by the speaker. You can give guidance on the type of transcript you expect when placing your order.