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Technical Transcriber ES/PT


Home-working technical transcriber: dedicated, independent and reliable native Spanish and/or Portuguese speakers required to provide financial and other technical transcription for Latin American companies.

You will be allocated typing assignments in advance and/or ad hoc throughout the day if you have told us you are available to work. Each typing assignment involves audio from a meeting happening that day for which a transcript must be produced ASAP. We will provide an audio file for you to download and you will be expected to commence typing your assigned portion of that audio immediately and complete it in very good time. Latin American speakers may have strong accents when speaking English and equally strong regional accents/dialects when speaking Spanish/Portuguese. Most will also be discussing subjects with associated technical terminology. So it will require patience and diligence to complete your work each day.

You will be paid a fixed rate in sterling per minute of audio transcribed. We apply a scale of pay rates determined primarily by the quality of your transcripts, but also by the required turnaround time and the level of difficulty in producing the specific transcript (technial nature, formatting, etc.). The baseline rate is between £1.00, reflecting a good generic grasp of technical material and accents, and consistent production of high-quality transcripts. This means you may be paid less than this at first until you have sufficient practice to meet our standards consistently, but you may be paid more over time as you take on board our feedback and steadily improve the quality of your work.

Desired skills and experience

You must have a typing speed of not less than 60wpm. You must have flawless written English because the majority of the work will be in English (spoken by non-native English speakers). However, since you may also be required to transcribe in your native language, you will need equally flawless written Spanish/Portuguese. A background in finance or economics will also be useful. It is critical that you are a diligent and careful person with the ability to grasp and assimilate new information quickly. Transcribing can be laborious and frustrating, so the ideal candidate is an existing independent worker with some transcription experience and a record of reliability and consistently high-quality work.

How to apply

If you believe you are qualified to apply for the job described above, please submit an Employment Enquiry, including your CV (resumé) and covering letter. Thank you.