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Typist Questions Answered

Do I need to be an experienced audio typist in order to work for Expedict?

Yes. We receive applications from far more people than we can accept. We can only devote time to assessing the abilities of experienced audio typists.

Does Expedict offer data entry work?

No. Not currently. We are listed by some telework directories as offering data entry work. But these listings were created without our consent and are inaccurate. We will not reply to any enquiries about data entry work.

Do you offer any other telework opportunities?

No. Not currently. And we tend to recruit from within our typist ranks to fill any new opportunities that arise.

Can you advise on how to set myself up for home typing? Do you supply any of the required hardware and software?

No. We can only provide advice and guidance to typists to whom we have offered work after successfully completing our vetting process.

Do you work in any languages other than English?

Yes. We also offer our service in French. We very occasionally receive a special request for transcripts in a language other than English or French. Most often those requests are for Spanish or German. So if you are an experienced transcriber in any of those languages, feel free to provide your contact details so that we can keep them on file.

Do I need to be fluent in English to work for you?

Yes. Any applicant showing weakness in English vocabulary, spelling, punctuation or grammar could not successfully complete our vetting process. In fact, we will not respond to an employment enquiry if the quality of English in your email suggests you are not fluent.

How much do you pay?

Expedict is known for paying very fair rates for home typing. However, there is no single rate paid to our typists. Each is paid according to their skill level and the nature of each typing assignment. We'll happily discuss potential pay rates with typists who show promise in the early stages of our vetting process.

Is becoming a home typist for Expedict right for me?

Becoming a home typist for Expedict only makes sense if you would still take the step even if we did not exist. Our typist pool comprises people of a wide variety of backgrounds, and each took the decision to work from home for a variety of personal reasons. However, one common trait amongst them is the confidence to find enough work without being entirely dependent on one source. Expedict employs the services of people who have taken the decision to become home workers independently of how much work they thought Expedict could send their way.

Does this mean that you do not guarantee a minimum level of income?

That's right. By the very nature of our business, we cannot guarantee a minimum amount of work that would be offered to you in any given period. That said, those home typists who have shown themselves to consistently deliver high-quality work to deadline are generally offered more work than they are in a position to accept. In short, by demonstrating dependability and quality, our home typists steadily work their way up toward the top of the work allocation roster.

Would I be an employee of Expedict Ltd?

No. You would be self-employed and invoice your services to Expedict Ltd in accordance with an Agreement signed between us and you for your provision of ad hoc typing and word processing services. We refer UK residents to the website of Inland Revenue for details of how to set yourself up as self-employed. Non-UK residents should refer to their local tax authorities.

Could I work for other typing agencies at the same time?

You are positively encouraged to work for other typing agencies as well. You could undermine your self-employed status if you rely exclusively on one source of income.

I'm interested in taking this further. How do I find out more?

If you feel you've got what we're looking for, please send us an Employment Enquiry.