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Cunningham Lindsey

Cunningham Lindsey is one of the largest loss adjusting and claim management companies in the world. Expedict works mainly with their UK offices, typing dictation for approximately 300 individual users across 20 regional offices. We are closely integrated into CL's operations, with the transcripts we deliver arriving directly into their internal claims management system.

Cunningham Lindsey

“The draft reports which come back to us from your team are of a very high standard.
In fact, I generally find that very few changes are required on them at our end.”
- Cunningham Lindsey, Liability Services


LXL is a London-based niche business law firm that represents major international corporations. Our first assignment for LXL allowed us to prove our mettle: Digitise and transcribe 55 analogue tapes of an arbitration hearing within a week over the Christmas period. No problem.


“It has been a real pleasure indeed.”