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Media & PR

Cantos Communications

We have a longstanding relationship with Cantos, an online video production company specialising in financial and corporate communications. When their teams fly around the globe filming CEO interviews, they upload audio files to Expedict before they begin the journey home in order to speed up the process. Our accuracy and reliability are important to Cantos, as are security and confidentiality, and we are a trusted part of their production process.


“For a transcription service, probably the best in the business.”
- Cantos, Web Production team

Brunswick Group

Brunswick is an international corporate communications partnership, with a leading position in the UK since 1987. Expedict works mainly for their UK headquarters, but also other Brunswick offices across the globe. We serve as the 'in-house' transcription team, with Brunswick staff logging in to Expedict to order a quick transcript whenever they need a written record of a presentation or interview.


“Hi Michael. You've just brightened my day! This was quick! ... I just wanted to let you know that the team is completely satisfied by the work provided with the transcript in French.”
- Brunswick (Paris)