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Our International Typist Network

Expedict was launched in 2003 with a small team of about half a dozen dedicated typists. Today, over 100 typists have qualified to join our team.

Many of our typists are generalists who can take on any typing assignment. And others bring specialist sector knowledge or experience of typing for specific types of organisation. Having this typing network, rich in experience and knowledge, allows us to nurture specialist typing teams that are key to our reputation for providing the best transcripts for specific industries and sectors.

We have built up teams in strategic time zones around the globe, allowing us to smoothly provide you with 24/7 typing cover. And our international team has brought another key piece to our reputation: our ability to handle a wide array of accents. Almost half of the audio we type is of speakers whose native language is not English. Our ability to go beyond simply typing what we hear to transcribing from interpretation is highly coveted by our customers.

All of our typists have been vetted by us. It is our policy to never outsource to third parties any of the work our customers entrust in us.

If you are an experienced audio typist and would like your abilities to be assessed with a view to joining our team, please send an Employment Enquiry.